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DMG® Technology by Powerhouse Energy (PHE)

Distributed Modular Generation (“DMG®”) is a unique and innovative product platform for the regeneration of plastic to power and hydrogen. DMG® takes waste plastics that cannot be recycled and regenerates them into clean energy that can be separate into power or hydrogen for delivery either as clean fuel for transport or as a feedstock in other applications in the chemicals and plastics industries.

Powerhouse Energy is the designer, creator and developer of the cutting edge DMG® technology. 

PHE Group plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (AIM:PHE) 

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Able to use non-recyclable plastics with negative global CO2 contribution


DMG® systems are modular designed at 40 tonnes per day with a small footprint


Efficient in converting high calorific valued plastic waste into electricity or hydrogen


A small scale cost-effective system with an active positive yield

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• DMG® process system efficiently converts the feedstock to a clean gas, regenerating various feedstocks including all non-recyclable plastics, films, food trays and rigid plastics.

• Mixed, unsorted, and contaminated plastics can all be destructed and regenerated into an energy rich syngas through thermal conversion, with minimal inert by-products.

​• A modular system design at 40 tonnes per day daily destruction capacities.

​• Electrical power and heat are produced for local consumption.​​

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